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Clearing & Forwarding

We act and work on the behalf of our clients to gather all the necessary documentation to clear goods through customs. We strive to provide businesses with smart shipping resources, keeping shipping costs low and providing up-to-date knowledge to get through customs quickly, easily and hassle free. We as a Customs Clearing Agent offer wide variety of services in order to support importers and exporter with the legal documentation procedure. For import consignments we require documents such as original invoice, Original bills, packing list, bill of landing/airway, bill endorsed by the importer, insurance certificate, purchase order or letter of credit, import license and catalogue depending with the nature if the shipment. Whereas for export clearance, export license or permit and sale contracts are required along with Invoice, Packing list and shipping instruction. The above mentioned documents help in avoiding the delay in clearance and other detention charges such as heavy demurrage etc. We normally endeavor to clear both import and export shipments within two to three days after the receipt of the documents.

Imports & Exports

We tailor shipping needs particularly suited for your business according to the goods that you ship and where they are sourced. For importing clients, we work to get the best mode of transportation from the manufacturer or supplier to the local customs office upon arrival. For exporting clients, we work to get the best method to take goods from your doorstep to the destination's customs office. Imports & Exports services include Container Cargo, Break Bulk, Groupage and Vehicles.

Road Freight

Road freight is fast becoming the quickest and most effective method of the transportation of cargo throughout Southern Africa and it's neighboring countries. From pick up to delivery, we offer and ensure the best, most reliable and cost effective means of transportation using car-carriers, flat-bed trailers, taut liners or containers (depending on your transportation needs), guaranteeing your goods are being delivered in good order and on time, every time. Our proud record in the field of domestic and regional surface transport (road and rail) is based on our firm commitment to treat each and every consigment as a priority in respect of secure handling and safe transport. We offer our customers full truck loads as well as consolidation possibilities attracting cost efficient transport solutions from and to any destination within Southern Africa. We provide domestic and flexible road transportation services. Transporting a range of freight from heavy haulage, vehicles, mining equipment and machinery, dangerous goods, containers, agricultural and all general freight.

Air Freight

Knowing that time is of the essence, we offer a quick and reliable air freight service. We use the world's best scheduled passenger and cargo airlines to provide an excellent alternative for heavier consignments. We offer customs clearance in overseas destinations and we attend to all import air freight formalities, including customs clearance and door delivery. We offer regular scheduled air freight consolidations, handling all your cargo with the greatest ease. Our logistics professionals specialize in serving all your airfreight needs as from documentation, communications to worldwide shipment tracking timeously. Our objective is to provide our clients stress free import and export services in the free trade zone. We offer the fastest same day large and small package airport to airport freight forwarding service to major countries around the globe. We have been reliable partners for worldwide air shipments. We offer prompt, expedient air freight services on domestic, regional and international flights for all type of goods including dangerous cargo.

Bonded Warehousing

We offer our clients access to warehousing facilities to store their goods as they move along the shipping process from the point of origin to delivery. We ensure security to avoid loss or damage to all warehoused goods. We offer unpacking of containerized cargo as well as indoor and outdoor storage facilities. We offer a bonded yard service where containers can be handelled and unpacked. This includes ramps for the unpacking of vehicles and forklifts, other equipment for packing export containers, etc. Additionaly we handle the clearance of imported and exported consignments by sea, air and road. From Storage to Warehousing and Distribution, we have these facilities to complement our Transport services in each state which may assist with your total logistics solution. We have experience of handling, storing and distributing goods for a wide range of products. We specialize in storage of dry cargo. We provide different types of warehouse facilities at various locations in Namibia. Bonded warehousing, customs licensed container terminals, covered storage, are offered.

Vehicle Transit

If you are shipping a vehicle through Walvis Bay to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe or Zambia, we confidently and professionally import any vehicle related to bond facilities. Once your vehicle arrives at Walvis Bay, we take on the responsibility of having it cleared through customs and having it delivered to it's final destination in the least amount of time at the best possible price.

Maritime Insurance

Via our selected partners, we offer maritime (marine) insurance which covers the loss or damage of ships, cargo, terminals and any transport or cargo by which property is transferred, acquired or held between points of origin and final destination. We are passionate and committed to assisting you find the best coverage for your Marine Insurance needs. We also provide services to Agents looking to place Marine Insurance risks.

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